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Ormig was founded in 1949 by Guido Thestor, who sensed that in post-war Italy needed resources for the reconstruction and cranes, already present in the US but almost unknown in Europe could have become a vehicle for the mass market. A small group of technicians managed to turn a predominantly agricultural work force into metal workers of high professionalism and able to make a product that was exported all over the world and was also a source of pride for the Italian industry. Production began in the old factory of 13,500 square meters . located in the centre of Ovada, and was then transferred twenty-five years later to existing plants over an area of 100,000 square meters . of which 48,000 were covered. Ormig, like most Italian post-war industries, was created from the imagination and the courage of a man of genius, and has grown due to the commitment and hard work of many men who believed in the rebirth of their country after the great conflict,therefore helping to create what is generally known as the Italian miracle . The continuous development has made this company one of the most reliable companies in the sector of lifting and handling equipment and in position to supply high-quality and technologically advanced products .Ormig is still managed by the founding family.
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