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Kessler was founded in nel 1950.

Brief History.

Kessler + Co was founded in 1950 by Mrs.Auguste Kessler, the owner of the Alfing Kessler Group.
Already in 1952, the company started with the design and production of drive axles for agricultural trailers.
 At that time Kessler + Co had 30 employees.
In 1955, Dr. Albert Grimminger joined the Alfing Kessler Group as managing director of the Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler, as well as Kessler + Co.
Over the years, the focus of Kessler + Co’s activities shifted more and more towards construction equipment and specialty vehicles.
After Mrs. Kessler passed away, Dr. Albert Grimminger took over all shares of the young company Kessler + Co.
In 1967, the then independent family business was transferred to the new location in Abtsgmünd.
After short time, the initial production area of 3,000 sq. meters was no longer sufficient.
Therefore in 1970 a first, and in 1972 a second, expansion was necessary.
Until 2000, the plant was expanded in 20 building steps. In 2002, a second plant was built 800 meters from the first, and quickly the production area was increased to 30,000 sq. meters.
Today the company is a leading manufacturer of drive axles and transfer cases for heavy mobile equipment, and manufactures in a production area of 80,000 sq. meters.