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The brand Kato was founded in 1895.

Brief History.

1895 It was created as a private company, Kato Iron work.
1923 The production started with the internal combustion engines of locomotives and motor cars for use on the railways.
1935 Reorganisation of the company.
1938 The production started of motors, tractors, rollers and cranes etc.
1959 The start of production of hydraulic mobile cranes and oil rigs.
1967 The production of a fully hydraulic excavator is started.
1969 The completion of Jumbo NK -750 the largest truck crane in the world.
1980 The production of the rough terrain crane started.
1985 The inauguration of the new headquarters.
1987 The production began on the all-terrain crane and excavator "V" series with APC ( advanced micro computerised system).
1991 The production began on the Cityrange crane.
1994 The production began of the Super Exceed crane.
1995 100 year anniversary. The largest truck crane NK-5000 (500 tons) is completed.
1998 The certificate ISO 9001 is obtained.
2004 Kimiyasu Kato was elected president and presented NK- 550VR.
2006 Work began on KATO WORKS (CHINA) LTD.
2008 The presentation of the hydraulic excavator REGZAM series V.
2010 The presentation of the hydraulic excavator series R REGZAM.