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Crane builder company. Terex group subsidiary.

Brief History.

2012 A domination & profit and loss transfer agreement came into effect in April 2012. Demag Cranes has been integrated into the Terex Corporation as its Material Handling & Port Solutions segment since October. The Demag brand continues to be used, now with the tagline “A Terex Brand”, the Gottwald brand becomes Terex® Gottwald.
2011 Since August 2011, the Terex Group in the United States has held a majority share in the company
2010 Integration of Demag Cranes Group through worldwide bundling of operative functions and centralising shared services
2006 Consolidation of Demag Cranes & Components GmbH and Gottwald Port Technology GmbH under the umbrella of Demag Cranes AG and IPO and 23 June 2006.
Withdrawal of Demag Holding S.à.r.l..
2002 Demag Cranes & Components GmbH and Gottwald Port Technology GmbH taken over by Demag Holding S.à r.l (Luxembourg), in which private equity investment funds advised by KKR hold an 81% interest and Siemens AG holds 19% interest
2000 Mannesmann Dematic becomes an integral part of the Atecs Mannesmann AG Group; spin-off of Demag Cranes & Components GmbH (Wetter); Mannesmann taken over by Vodafone; Siemens AG and Robert Bosch GmbH acquire Atecs Mannesmann; the mechanical engineering division of Atecs Mannesmann AG, to which the current segments of Demag Cranes belonged, remains in the Siemens Group
1997 Mannesmann Demag Fördertechnik AG is renamed Mannesmann Dematic AG
1996 Mannesmann Demag Fördertechnik AG takes over the Mobile Cranes segment from Mannesmann Demag AG in Duisburg.
1992 Restructuring of the Mannesmann Demag Group and spin-off of Mannesmann Demag Fördertechnik AG in Wetter
1988 Mannesmann takes over Leo Gottwald KG and integrates it in Mannesmann Demag AG
1956 Leo Gottwald KG builds the first mobile harbor crane
1910 Successor companies to Mechanische Werkstätten Harkort & Co. become part of Deutsche Maschinenfabrik AG (Demag)
1906 The present-day Gottwald Port Technology GmbH founded under the name of Maschinenfabrik Ernst Halbach AG in Dusseldorf
1819 The present-day Demag Cranes & Components GmbH founded under the name Mechanische Werkstätten Harkort & Co. in Wetter an der Ruhr
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